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Get Tested at The Gift House and Save Lives



  July 8, 2010

Posted By Tanisha Davenport


Get Tested at The Gift House and Save Lives

Did you know, that the thought of people living with HIV in the U.S is more than one million, and more than half a million have died after developing AIDS?

Many people don’t know that you can’t catch a STD by shaking someone’s hand. Furthermore, many people don’t know the many ways you can protect yourself from STDs. There are many types of protections that you can use to help prevent these diseases from spreading, for example; although people think birth control can protect you from catching a STD it is wrong! Birth control protects you from becoming pregnant, not from catching a STD. There are also male condoms, female condoms, oral condoms, and special types of condoms and lubricants used for anal sex.

Finally, we as a nation need to go out and get tested. We need to stop this problem at its source and use protection. For many, having a STD is embarrassing but as soon as we find the problem then we can treat it and hopefully we can stop the spread of HIV and AIDS. It is time to stop playing games and help protect the lives of others. There are too many people walking around not knowing that they have HIV, and we are killing our own people. Not knowing cannot only just kill other people but can also kill you. We need to protect ourselves and protect the lives of others. Get tested, and be cautious of who you take that next step with. You can never be too safe, make sure your love ones are tested and protected, help bring these numbers down of people being infected with the HIV virus.